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Bethpage Village - 1940

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This tour of Bethpage was submitted to the "Bethpage Tribune" June 24, 1982 by Rosalie Walsh Niemczyk - Bethpage History. Heading north on Broadway from Central Avenue, there was Harry Stolz's Insurance Agency on the left, followed by Margie's (Felice-Gerardi) Beauty Shoppe, Russo's Dept. Store (later Festante), and the Post Office on the corner of Broadway & Baldwin. Crossing the street, there were Al Bogner's Ice Cream Parlour & Stationery Store, Frank Procida's Sanitary Barber Shop, Cava's Drug Store, and the Sugar Bowl on the corner of Broadway and Railroad Plaza. (The Sugar Bowl, earlier, had been the Library with Mrs. Fredericks as the as the librarian. The Sugar Bowl was also a dressmaker's establishment at one time.) Crossing the RR tracks, and still heading north, there were: Triple A Grocery, followed by John Maggio - the shoemaker, then Roulston Grocery, cross Washington Ave. to the Pine Lodge Tavern. There were no more stores at this point -- only medical practices of Dr. Luttge and Dr. Melone after crossing Benkert Street, and their practice was located in their own homes. Crossing to the east side of Broadway now and heading south there were three grand Victorian homes - on to the Fortsch Brothers Market located in what was the Maurer's hotel, and the Knotty Pine Travern on the corner. Kessler's Glass Factory was set back in this area of Broadway (today-2014 location of the CVS/Pharmacy) Going south, over the RR tracks again, was the Colonial (Hayes Inn), followed by Geffken's Delicatessen and Herman Klingelhoefer's Butcher Shop. Around the corner on Seaman Avenue was the lumber yards of Sengstacken and Schaaf. I cannot remember exactly when Arthur F. White took over Al Guerin's home on Broadway. St. Martin of Tours RC Church was located on Central Avenue to the east of Broadway. South of Central Avenue on Broadway was the Methodist Church. Traveling west on Central Avenue, there was Elmer L. Henn, building contractor, near the junction of Park Avenue and Central Avenue; Deubel's Restaurant was on the N/E corner of Central Avenue and Stewart, and the Beau Sejour Restaurant was across the street. Godfrey's Farm Supply Co. was on the S/E corner of Central & Stewart Avenues. Heading west on Central Avenue was Weber's Grocery & Rita's Beauty Shop run by Rita Weber Young and Marie Weber. On Stewart Avenue heading north, there was St. Paul's Lutheran Church and over the RR tracks, again, was Charlie Campagne's Feed Store. The LIRR had its stop in town, as well as, on the Grumman property. For additional doctors, professional services, and banking the people went to Hicksville and Farmingdale. Some changes to text made by CPHS.

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