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A group of local young men, playing in the "Big Band" style in the late 1930's in Bethpage and surrounding communities for dancing. Consisted of 14 players: Al Kordula - trumpet and leader, Bobby Damm - trombone, Fred Kramer - trumpet, Harold Anderson - trumpet, Kenneth Kaufman - trumpet, Everett Baldwin - bass, Jack Gifford - drums (Jack joined the band after the original drummer left), Wesley Klug - piano, Ed Schaaf - saxophone, John Mancuso - saxaphone, Howard Baldwin - saxaphone, Nick Leo - accordion

This orchestra was the development of the original band that was formed for St. Paul's Lutheran Church's strawberry festival in l937. The original group was : Piano: Wes Klug Drummer:Jack Gifford Violins: Ken Kaufman and Everett Baldwin Trumpets: Harold Anderson and Fred Kramer Sax: Edward Schaaf

This group expanded under the leadership of Al Kordula using the name of "Bethpagians." I remember then practicing in our living room as my mom, Mrs. John Klug, offered it to them until they could find another place. They played together until after the war. They reorganized in l946 as the "Barons." This new group was made up of: Trumpet: Al Kordula and John Mancuso Accordion/Sax:Nick Leo Drums: Fred Kramer Bass: Everett Baldwin Piano: Francis Arnold From: Aline Klug Scherer

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