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Danna, Paul

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Paul is married to Lois Lane and raised their family in Bethpage. He is now retired from the Nassau County Sheriffs Department. Paul told the CPHS about growing up in Bethpage in the 40's. During the time when a little bungalow seemed to have elastic walls to accommodate a large family. Great families, many relatives, good food, friends make for wonderful memories. Even though, times were not easy, our country was coming out of a depression and the impact of World War II. A war that some buddies never came home from.

Paul spoke about the familiar names of people, streets and places of fun and interest to a kid. Like the ole swimming hole, better known as the sand pit on Wantagh Avenue, where children were not allowed to swim as it was unsafe and unclean. A safer recreation was the baseball and basketball games behind the Powell Avenue School. All played with the state of the art equipment like the baseballs which were held together with much tape. The sink hole at the end of Powell Avenue was the place to stay away from. All sadly remembered the Fox boy who lost his life trying to save a friend in that sink hole.

Information from the CPHS NEWSLETTER - April, 2002

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