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Ducato, Anthony (Duke)

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Mr. Ducato came to Bethpage in 1954 as a shop teacher. He taught wood shop, mechanical drawing, math and machine shop. He became assistant principal in 1966 and was principal for 6 years. He also taught adult education and drivers education. Mr. Ducato retired in 1985, and has volunteered at the Psychiatric Ward in Plainview, the Detox Center, and currently in Syosset Psychiatric Ward.

Mr. Ducato was proud to have served as a U. S. Marine Corps Korean War Veteran, and was a member of Town of Oyster Bay Advisory Planning Board.

He pased away on September 25, 2007.

The following information appeared in THE BETHPAGE TRIBUNE - April 25, 1985

Tony was born in Brooklyn and admits to being a "Depression Baby", and did not have the luxary of dilly-dallying around. He graduated from the Brooklyn Public School system and went on to New York University where he graduated with a college degree and certification to teach Industrial Arts Education. In 1954 Tony went to work as an Industrial Arts teacher at Bethpage High School where he taught Architectural Drawings, Mechanical Drawing, Machine Shop, and General Wood.

Tony married Rosemarie Callegari, local Bethpage girl who worked at the main office in the high school as a secretary in 1958, and they are the proud parents of two daughters, Jo Ann and Toni Ann.

When asked what his greatest educational challenge was, he replied "To make kids understand that they are responsible for their actions. That's half of growing up."

When asked what he would wish for the school district, if he had a magic wand, he replied, "I hope that the Board of Education, Teachers, Townspeople, and Students will all work together and that good communication will exist among all of the groups concerned with education in Bethpage."

He was proud of his hobbies of fishing, cooking, gardening (roses and vegetables) and Rosemarie shared these interest with him.

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