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Grumman Canoes

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One of Grumman's first post-war projects was the aluminum canoe, which was designed by engineer John Achilich. It was designed to be strong and stable using metal shaping and manufacturing methods perfected for amphibious aircraft. The Grumman canoe was lighter and stronger then existing canoes. The first models were made in the Plant 2 hanger.

One of the first production models was exhibited in the Abercrombie & Fitch window in New York. Abercrombie and Fitch and L.L. Bean sold high-end merchandise, including sporting equipment, featuring the Grumman Canoe. In thirty years, Grumman sold more than 300,000 aluminum canoes, and production continued for another twenty years.

The story of the Grumman's transition to a peacetime market with boats, trucks, and small amphibians was featured in many newspapers and magazines. It tells the story of a time of peace in our country, with new jobs, recovery, hope and prosperity, and a time for leisure and sporting activities.

Information from The Grumman Retiree Newsletter - 2008 -

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