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Grumman Yankees

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The introduction of softball at the Chicago World's Fair brought about a standardization of rules and equipment and the formation of the Amateur Softball Association.

The Grumman Yankees softball team was born under the managership of Charlie Lehecka and encouraged by the number one softball fan, Mr. Leon A. (Jake) Swirbul. Their rise to a place of prominence in the Softball Hall of Fame was won by hard hitting, superior pitching, fair play and that persistent will to win.

(From the Grumman Yankees Program 1949)


Back Row Left to Right - John Kolosky, Carl Childs, Art Cornell, Ken Sommers, Fred Vitale, Gene Pasta, Slats Salantri, Bill Hutnick, Charlie Lehecka

Kneeling Left to Right - Roy Palmeri, Angie Veneri, Billy Johnston, Tom Weiss, Roy Stephenson, George Fowler, John Barkouich

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