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Historic Markers

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On Sunday, May 23, 1999 members of the Central Park Historical Society dedicated its first historic marker. President Lenny Mulqueen, members of the society, together with family and friends of the Wilson family gathered to acknowledge the world famous Beau Sejour Restaurant. The location of the Beau Sejour was on the corner of Central Ave. and Stewart Ave. Pictured below are Pauline and Kay Wilson wives of Edward and Paul owners of the Beau Sejour.

On June 22, 2003 The Central Park Historical Society unveiled their second historic landmark located on Central Ave. and Grumman Road East. The marker memorializes the role of the Grumman Corporation in Bethpage from 1936 - 1994. The location marks the Grumman airfield and entrance to Grumman Plant #1. Plant #1 is where the famous F4F-3 Wildcat, Navy Fighter, was built and flew from the airfield. The F4F-3 played a major role in World War II. Pictured are members of the Central Park Historical Society: George Hoban, Councilman Joseph Muscarella, Bob Albertson, Rose Walker, Ann Albertson, CPHS President Lenny Mulqueen, Laura Mulqueen, Legislator Ed Mangano, Mary Morgan, Ernie Finamore and Carmine DeStefano.

Dedication of the marker at the entrance to Grumman Plant #2 took place on June 27, 2004. The marker was purchased by the Grumman Retiree Club of Bethpage to acknowledge the important role Grumman Plant #2 played in World War II. The marker relates the happenings that took place during the festivities, with an open house for employees and family, to celebrate the formal openings of Plant #2 on December 7, 1941. The festivities were cut short when Clint Towl received word Pearl Harbor was attacked. The guests were ushered off the grounds in an orderly fashion, and when the last visitor left the area the gates were shut and Grumman was off limits for the duration of WWII. Grumman started production of the Hellcat Fighter Plane in Plant #2.

On Memorial Day, 2005, a Historic Marker was dedicated to acknowledge the location of the Central Park Fire Department on Stewart Avenue. The marker was proudly purchased by the Bethpage Fire District.

On October 5, 2006, the Central Park Historical Society unveiled the historic marker commemorating the birthplace of the Apollo Lunar Modules that landed men on the moon from July 20, 1969 to December 11, 1972. The historical marker is sponsored by Steel Equities. It is located on South Oyster Bay Road and Grumman Road West.

May 31, 2009 the CPHS was proud to take part in the dedication of the Historic Marker, on Powell Avenue in front of the Bethpage Library, to acknowledge the Powell Avenue School. The Powell Avenue School was the third school in Central Park and was built in 1911 and razed 1962. The motto was, "Aim High Succeed." The Daniel Schiavetta family are the proud sponsors of the marker.

June 28, 2009 the CPHS was proud to take part in the dedication of the Historic Marker on Broadway, in front of the CVS Drug/Convience Store. The marker documents the site of the Kessler Glass Factory. Kessler glass products were world famous. It adorned the embassies around the world, the Truman White House,sold in major department stores, and graced hotels and theaters. The Kessler family are the proud sponsors of the maker.

A marker has been erected on the site of the historic Powell Cemetery which is located on the secured property of Northrop/Grumman. When the property becomes accessible a dedication will take place. The research and clean up of this cemetery and the purchase of the marker is a result of an Eagle Scout project of Owen Murphy.

On September 29, 2012 the CPHS dedicated three new Historic Markers in Bethpage. The markers were purchased by obtaining a Grant from Nassau County:

Two markers are in place to acknowledge the signifiance of the Long Island Motor Parkway as it came through Central Park. One marker is located on Stewart Avenue and Arthur Avenue documenting where the official ground breaking took place (across the street), and where the parkway crossed over Stewart Avenue. Another marker located on Central Avenue north of deadmans curve and the longest Long Island Motor Parkway bridge that crossed over Central Avenue and the railroad.

The third marker, from the grant money, is on Stewart Avenue, south of the railroad tracks, to acknowledge the Central Park Cider Mill. Craig Mulqueen added a marble engravings to show what the Cider Mill looked like in 1888.

May, 2014 a Historic Marker was installed at the corner of Seaman Avenue and Central Avenue documenting the location of the 1st Post Office in the village of Central Park in January 29, 1857. The house later was the home of the William J. Ahern family. Mr. William Ahern, a community leader, involved in the name change from Central Park to Bethpage in 1936. This marker was purchased with grant money from Nassau County.

A marker is in place (2018) in front of Whites Funeral Home acknowledging the former owners, the Guerins, and that whites Funeral Home in Farmingdale opened a funeral home in Bethpage.

October 8, 2014 a Historic Marker was installed and dedicated in front of the John F. Kennedy Middle School on Broadway. We were tied as the first school, along with the JFK Elementary School in Butte, Mt.,to name their school for our assassinated President John F. Kennedy. The marker pays tribute to the school by Bethpage Board of Education - sponsored by Superintendent Terrence Clark.

July, 2017 - The Historic Marker dedicated to the birthplace (Grumman Aerospace) of the Apollo Luna Modules at South Oyster Bay Road and Grumman Road West was stolen. The marker has been replaced in 2018.

2017 A marker was put in place on the west side of Broadway south of the fire house documenting the historic name change from Central Park to Bethpage in 1936.

2018 A historic marker was place in front of Whites Funeral Home on Broadway acknowledging the original owners of this home and property, the Guerins, and Whites coming to Bethpage.

October 9, 2020 - Zorn's Poultry Farm, Hempstead Turnpike, Bethpage - celebrated with the unveiling of a Historic Marker.

August 11, 2021 - Swedetown Historic Marker was dedicated on Caffrey Avenue and Flamingo Lane to honor the people from Scandinavia who settled in the area of north Central Park. A tribute to Robert Albertson as he acknowledged the pride in his family, the Knapp's, who settled in the area in the early 1900's.