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Historic Markers Location

From Central Park Historical Society Encyclopedia

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ZORN'S - Hempstead Turnpike; LONG ISLAND MOTOR PARKWAY - Stewart Avenue and Arthur Avenue; LONG ISLAND MOTOR PARKWAY - Central Avenue, East, North side; CENTRAL PARK POST OFFICE - Central Avenue and Seaman Avenue; WHITE'S FUNERAL HOME - Broadway, East side; CENTRAL PARK/BETHPAGE - Broadway, West Side, South of railroad tracks; KESSLER GLASS FACTORY - Broadway and Nibbie Lane; POWELL AVENUE SCHOOL - Powell Avenue (Library); JOHN F. KENNEDY SCHOOL - Broadway, North; POWELL CENETERY - Northrop/Grumman property; CIDER MILL - Stewart Avenue, East side, South of railroad tracks; CENTRAL PARK FIRE HOUSE - Stewart Avenue, East side, South of railroad tracks; BEAU SEJOUR - Stewart Avenue, West side, South of the railroad tracks; GRUMMAN PLANT #1 - Central Avenue, West on the North side; GRUMMAN PLANT #2 - Hicksville Road, in front of the original plant #2; LUNA MODULE - South Oyster Bay Road and Grumman Road West.