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Jerusalem Station

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About 1841 the name was given to the Rail Road Staition because it serviced those who utilized the stop from Jerusalem (the area now known as Wantagh)

Below Information from: Bethpage 50th Anniversary - 1936/1986 - Name Change Celebration Program - September 13, 1986

The town opened a road, called "The Road to Jerusalem Station", from the depot to Central Avenue and north to Plainview Road. But the early residents resented the fact that their station should be named for a town six miles away, and on March 1, 1867, they changed the name of the Post Office to Central Park, and the road leading to the station to Broadway. The railroad station clung to the name "Jerusalem" and the town continued under two names - one for its station and another for its Post Office. In 1936 the name of Central Park was changed to Bethpage and the railroad station was changed too.

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