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Mazzie, John

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John Mazzie, a 40-year employee of the Grumman Engineering Corporation, service interrupted only by active duty with the U.S. Navy, was an unassuming but proud man, shy but articulate when called upon, interested in historic things showing man's creativeness, his workmanship, especially those things developed and designed to facilitate navigation in the air. He spoke little of his part in his company's production of military or civilian aircraft, practiced publicly and privately the censorship demanded of his work, but we know for a fact now that he was engaged in Grumman's manufacture of the first prototype models of each plane produced during his 40 year service, including work on the "F4F", the Wildcat and on the "L.M." the Lunar Expeditionary Module.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Mazzie were associated with James N. Maclean in the early days of the Nassau County American Legion Memorial Library at Hofstra University. And it was because of the association that Kay Mazzie and her family recently presented to the Special Collections of the Library a gift of two book exhibit cases in memory of her husband and father. Hofstra University are most appreciative of this generous gift.

Information from an undated copy of the BETHPAGE TRIBUNE

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