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Methodist Cemetary

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Located at the western end of Central Avenue on the west side of Hicksville Road. This was the location of the Bethpage Methodist Church before it was moved to Broadway, Bethpage. As reported by Bob and Ann Albertson, tombstones for Bethpage residents, some written in German, including:

Robert and Alma Knapp, grandparents of Bob Albertson

Civil War Veterans Henry Meyer, NY Infantry - 1879 and Corporol Andrew Powell, Co. K, NY Infantry.

Albrecht Benkert, birth in 1823 in Hof A/S Bayern, Germany, died in Central Park December 1888, and his wife Sabina, died in 12/1907. Fehling and Wollenhaurt tombstones also in German

Altman Grave, dated 1926-1947 is acknowledge with a memorial by the Ladies Auxiliary VFW and the Boy Scouts Troops 118

Ruth Vansise, daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Powell

Ruth E, daughter of Isaac and Maria Whitson and noted she was 37 years, 5 months and 25 days, born in 1890

Bea Nixon had a plaque dated 1978 acknowleding her many hours of devotion to retarded children

H.L. Gloubelman tombstone said it plainly that he was a School Master.

Some other names recognized include Wilson, Gifford, Weaver, Skellington, Ohsberg, Deubel, Burmeister, Lauman, deBeaumont, Maxey, Granberg, Olsen, Stymus, Powell, Baldwin, Garrett, and Jenson to name a few.

Many tombstones are no longer legible.

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