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Neal Family

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Thomas Underhill Powell had given part of his estate to his ward, Mary Beckert, (1869-1957) when she married Mr. Oliver Neal (1875-1916) in 1900. The property is located on Broadway, and had a home built for them.

Information from BETHPAGE THE YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT 1840 - 1910 by Terence S. Hunt

Below information from Christopher Morselli, great grandson of Oliver and Mary, Beckert, Neil.

The Neil's lived at 438 Broadway.

Grandmother Mildred Great Aunt Helen Great Aunt Marion Weil Great Uncle Edison

Great Grandfather, Oliver - worked for the railroad. He became sick and died walking from Farmingdale to Central Park.

Mary's brother, Willie Beckert, worked for the railroad and developed their brake system. He lived till mid 60's - 70's (not sure).

Grandmother Mildred married at 19 to Thomas Morselli.

Thomas Morselli's father, Santos, and his brother Benadito came through Ellis Island form Palermo Italy.

Santos had an upholstery shop in New York City till the depression.

Thomas and Mildred had three children: Thomas Jr., Robert, and Richard (Richard the father of Christopher and David)

Grandfather, Thomas and Great Grandfather Santos worked for Grumman during WWII in the Upholstery Department.

Grandmother, Mildred was secretary to Mr. Leroy Grumman till she retired.

Uncle Thomas Morselli worked in NYC in the restaurant business then he retired to Florida.

Uncle Robert had two children (Kerry Ann and Robin) and they moved to Florida to work for Grumman in Stuart.

Great Aunt Helen worked for the Telephone Company as and operator till the late 60's when she retired.

Great Aunt Marion was an accountant in Farmingdale.

Uncle Thomas - World War II flew the Burma Hump and Uncle Robert was a World War II Tanks Corp.

Richard Morselli married Barbara (Simpson) from the Bronx and was in the Navy after the Korean War. 1958 he joined the Nassau County Police and died in 1975.

The Morselli family moved to Long Beach in 1973, and Barbara worked at Nassau County Medical Center. She died April 17, 2008.

Below information from Audrey Tallman

Mildred Morselli played the organ and directed the choir at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, and taught piano to many younsters.

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