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Newsday Citations

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03/29/99 Sorting plans for Grumman Site
01/13/00 Cops seize Arsenal/Santos'
04/19/00 Car rams Bethpage Eatery/China Inn Kitchen
04/23/00 When a right of way is all wrong
06/09/00 Mourning a "Giant" in their eyes/Louis Rontondo
08/25/00 Manorville Teen killed in car crash/D. Palazzo
10/12/00 Bethpage Man killed by Train/Bajovic
11/25/00 This one's for Ryan/Caulfield
01/03/01 Bethpage woman slain /Jackman
01/04/01 Fatal shot intentional, cops say /Jackman
01/21/01 Ristorante Milano - Napoli/ Morinelli
01/29/01 Building a bridge to understanding
02/06/01 Death in France/Panzarella
02/07/01 Alec Baldwin - aircraft plant to movie studio
02/25/01 How should we respond when young people make "Hit List"/J.F.K. Middle School
03/20/01 Homeowner is stabbed in Bethpage
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