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Plainedge School (one room schoolhouse)

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This school was situated on Hicksville-Massapequa Road, south of the Hempstead Turnpike. During the time (1930's) the school had no kindergarden class and grades one thru four. At this time Mrs. Allen was the teacher and Hannah Burkholder was the principal (and teacher also). At that time the school was divided into two large rooms, divided by large sliding doors. Grades one and two were in the rear section and third and fourth were in the front. The grades were only separated by the aisles between the desks, and a portable chalk board was moved about the room. In the basement there was a lunch room and a stage for the children to perform.

The building was "T" shaped with a lot of windows, and the girls' rooms were on the left and the boys' on the right. At the front entrance, overhead, hung the school bell, and there were "cloak rooms" on each side.

The students always enjoyed recess time with games out doors. Many times it was hide-n-seek behind the huge trees that lined the driveway. The school, at this time, was painted white and the yard was fenced.

(Information submitted by Lois Seitz Smith - 1995)

Children living in Central Park/Bethpage in the Plainedge School District attened this school.

Today (2007) the one room school has been demolished and Plainedge School District consist of six schools (5 elementary and one high school) and they serve about 3,500 students.

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