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Stymus Cemetery

Located at Norcross Avenue South of Revere. Grave markings dated l885 to 1922

Information on those buried in the Stymus Cemetary taken from a plaque in the cemetery installed by the Boy Scouts (about 2004) listed below:

Stymus Family - Christopher, Alche, Jane, Letty, Orris, Ann, Latitia, Phoebe, Amy, Cinthia, Christopher, Hannah, Epenetus, William Covert, George Noorstrand.

Schuler Family - Henry 1885-1885, Hattie 1889-1890, Ida 1887-1890, Tony 1888-1890, Arthur 1890-1891, Edward 1893-1896, Walter 1895-1897, George 1896-1897, Anthony 1861-1926, Emma 1886-1938.

Dumet Family - Christine 1819-1891, Johann 1819-1893, Margaretha 1844-1922, Peter Nibbe 1847-1918.

Plainedge Methodist Church Cemetery

Located at the end of Central Avenue on the West side of Hicksville Road. It is historically significant as an early Long Island religious site. It began in 1836. The church was built that year by its first pastor, Joshua Powell. Then in 1920 the church building was moved to its present location on Broadway, Bethpage, south of Central Avenue, and later expanded. The history of Bethpage, Plainedge and surrounding areas is preserved here. There are graves of Veterans from the Civil War, WWI, and WWII. Numerous interesting inscriptions and familiar family names are represented. A committee was organized in 2004, "Friends of Bethpage Methodist Cemetery Committee" to clean up the grounds of this ecumenical and historic holy burial ground.

See Friends of the Bethpage Methodist Cemetery

Methodist Church Cemetery AKA Lyceum Cemetery

Located on the north side of the Hempstead Turnpike west of Stewart Avenue. Grave markings dated l8l8 to l995.

Church ceased operations prior to 1893. Building then became a meeting place for the Lyceum. Alfred S. Walters first Farmingdale Civil War casualty (died 1865) buried here. Inscriptions DAR 1941 (Information from Historic Cemeteries of Oyster Bay)

Powell Cemetery

Old Powell Plot is located on the Powell Settlement, which is now the Northrop Grumman property. The cemetery contains more than 20 Powell family graves. Some gravestones contain sentimental verses while another has a carved finger pointing skyward with words, "going home".

Boy Scout, Owen Murphy, Troop 689, did an Eagle Project in 2008 on the History of the Powell Burying Ground. The below information was submitted to the CPHS by Owen Murphy.

The Powell Burying Ground is in Bethpage, west of Stewart Avenue, east of South Oyster Bay Road, in the middle of the former Grumman Aerospace Plant property. The property was given to Nassau County and the Township of Oyster Bay in April, 2008. This cemetery has been out-of-sight from public view for over 50 years except for Grummanites going to and from work. Interest in this cemetery has recently been sparked by the release of the book: Town of Oyster Bay Cemeteries, written by John Hammond, Historian of the Town of Oyster Bay. The book contains a mention of the cemetery and the notation that a transcription had been done in 1939. The only copies of this transcription have been located in a book compiled by Alice Meigs, Nassau County Cemeteries, at the Long Island Division of the Queens Borough Library in Jamaica, NY and at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The transcription of the cemetery that was done in 1939 by Ethel Metzger and Marjorie Leek and contained in Alice Meigs book is critical to research at the Powell Burying Ground. Since that census of the cemetery, many stones have become unreadable or damaged beyond repair. Burials span from 1817 to 1889 with the birthdates of those interred going back as far as 1762. Although essential in researching this cemetery, the transcription does not explain the order of the names listed or where they are located on the grounds. No map was provided or has been found of grave locations. The surnames of those buried include: Powell, Covert, Smith, Ketcham, Smith, Saxton, Perry, Wood, Mitchell, Stymits, Mott and Ruhbaum. The Meigs list was helpful in identifying the maiden names of many of the women but it is the compliation presented by Susan Powell Bunker in her book, Long Island Genealogies: Powell et al. that clearly identifies the relationships of those buried to Thomas Powell. Thomas Powell (1641 - 1721) was the first settler in the area. (See the Bethpage Purchase).

The Powell Burying Ground is the final resting place for decendents of Thomas Powell (1762 - 1835) who was the great-grandson of Thomas Powell (1641 - 1721) He and his wife along with 10 of his children and their wives are buried here: Thomas, James, John, Jarvis, Samuel, George, Charles, Epenetus, Nancy and Ruth. The remaining 23 persons in the cemetery are their grandchildren and other relatives. Their surnames include Powell, Smith, Saxton, Perry, Mott and Ruhbaum.

For Owen Murphy's efforts there will be erected a Historic Marker identifying the area.

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