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Revolutionary War

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Colonial Long Island an area divided into three counties Kings, Queens and Suffolk (the area of Bethpage of today would have been in Queen's County). Long Island during this time had a peaceful existence where many farmed the land, fished the waters or pursued the challenge of whaling. The practice of religion, as well as, political beliefs varied between counties. Slavery was acceptable by all at this time.

The New World was suffering from the impact of the French and Indian War which caused indebtedness for the British. The British way of dealing with their problem was to put trade restrictions and unfair taxation on the colonies. The colonist band together to protest the actions of the British. The fight for freeedom came to Long Island in August 1776. The Patriots were inexperienced and outnumbered by the British. It was a bloody battle resulting in the British occupation of Long Island for 7 years. A time when their homes and farms were seized and their civil rights denied. During this occupation the Americans becme skilled in getting information across Long Island to Connecticut to help the troops.

George Washington experienced a terrible defeat on Long Island, and then he met victory on Long Island. A victory that changed the Long Islander who was left with their woodlands gone, fields and farm abandoned, homes, churches, meeting houses destroyed. A time they experienced their civil rights denied which in turn gave them a respect for all human life. A time to rebuild their lives, political views, religious beliefs and view on slavery.

Information from John Staudt in the CPHS NEWSLETTER - May, 2002

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