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Shackleton, Robert and Rose (Greco)

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Rose was born, raised, married and raised three children, and still lives in Bethpage (2007). Robert (Bob) was one of the first mailmen (letter carriers) when mail delivery began in about 1949. He was known as "the merry mailman" to all on his route. At that time the mailmen walked only on the sidewalks (no short cuts of cutting through the yards).

Rose told of her memories of Central Park/Bethpage - stated in the April 11, 2011 CPHS Newsletter. Having been born and raised in Bethpage, I have seen many changes as the town grew. The name change celebration was such a big event. I was one of the kids on the Indian float & so excited as the parade went down Stewart Avenue.

Watching Broadway change from residential to business and getting a super market and our first bank was a nice and necessary change. Having a bank, I believe it was the Hempstead Bank, meant we did not have to go to Hicksville to do our banking. It was a small town, but a friendly town. You always met someone who knew you and you knew them (sometimes not good). It would always be reported to your parents if they felt it was not proper. Where did the years go?

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