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Walkabout opened its doors in 1974, located at 218 Broadway, which served as a home for young men ages 17-20 preparing them for independent living. The funding for this home came from different organizations such as United Way of L. I., Nassau County Youth Board, Nassau County Department of Social Services as well as private contributions. The concept was severly opposed by local residents voicing concerns regarding the value of homes and the threat to the community. With success and pride they celebrated their 15 anniversary in 1989. Below is a poem written by Leo Schottland which appears in the Walkabout House and greets you as you enter the front door.

If, for a moment in time
In my impetuous youth -
I have stumbled by the way;
If a friend and family differ with me
And my dreams and wants I cannot say,

There is somewhere a place I know
Where those who care and understand
Have built for me a place to go,
And stay for just a while.

A quiet place called Walkabout
Where folk and good will
Really care--and do not flout.
The way of youth--the task of
growing up,
And I am grateful for their love
For like a family they will fill
my cup.

The property values never dropped, there were no threats to the community and Walkabout House actually improved the appearance of the neighborhood and is a truly beautiful home.

Information from the Bethpage Tribune - May 5 - 11, 1989

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